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Layla Garters - Toss & Keepsake Set

Ella Garters - Toss & Keepsake Set

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The history of the use of garters in weddings is one of the longest lasting traditions.  The bride wears two (typically on her right leg) ~ one to keep and one to toss.  The groom removes the toss garter  with his teeth or hands and tosses it to the single men (alternately, the bride may toss it to the single women) .  Whoever catches it is thought to be the next one to be married!

Ashlyn Avenue garters are made from high quality lace and may include soft pearls, sequins or rhinestones.  A small elastic portion comprises a part of it to get a perfect, comfy fit.  An option to have that portion made in blue for the "something blue" for your wedding is an option, as well!

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